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Roofing Dublin (North)


Roofing Dublin

We are Roofing Contractors operating in Dublin City & County and has been in operation since 1989. Through the good and the bad times. Professional Roofing Contractors in Dublin on the Northside.

Roofing and its practice i guess is all about  attention to details and the qualify of the craftsmanship and experience in making sure you roof does not leak especially during heavy rain and bad weather.  When you are looking for a roofing expert and looking to hire for your project, like all services, every roofing company will differ and have different however you need a high quality service that is reliable and dependable and those that provide this with great value for money and reliability will usually be the contractors that you should deal with.  This leads us to the question of what are you looking for when hiring a roofing contractor in Dublin so you know you are getting someone who is all of the above?

  • Roof Valley Repairs DublinTwenty Year Guarantee On Our Work
  • Highest Quality Work & Materials
  • Prompt & Quick Response When Required
  • Affordable & Within Your Budget
  • Working With Homeowners Since 1989
  • We are Local Professionals That Stand Behind Their Work.

We make use of the latest construction equipment and technology in our work. Our experts are highly trained and have long years of experience in the industry.

Roofing Contractors offers impeccable customer service and work. We believe that the client knows best, and we will work hand in hand with you to ensure that your roof is constructed or repaired to your specifications while offering advice to make it even better.

All work is guaranteed and we can be relied upon to cover any issues with our work for up to 20years depending on the job and work carried out.  Call us for specific details.

Services we provide are:

  1. Roofing Repairs
  2. Flat roofing installation & Repairs
  3. Fascia Soffits and Gutter installation and repairs
  4. New Roofs
  5. Leaks and emergency repairs



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